In her 25+ year career, Stefanie Pont has been a data provider, a client, and headed the media department of one of the largest direct marketing agencies in the U.S. And from all sides she heard the same complaint– “no one understands what I’m trying to do and no one is listening to me!” Pont Media Direct was founded to address that dilemna by applying four core principles.

   • Listen to your client and to your suppliers
   • Craft strategies to achieve the client’s goals
   • Get it done on time and on budget
   • Always tell the truth

Pont has worked with many well known brands in the U.S., including Sprint, Visa Marketing, Canon Products, BAB Inc, Bank of America, Volkswagen, and IBM, as well as numerous startups and smaller niche clients. She partners with several marketing agencies to provide marketing consulting, media and special project expertise for their clients. Every client gets the same focus and care – it’s the results that matter.

Pont received the Direct Marketing Association’s “List Leader of the Year” award in 2006 for career achievement and service to the industry. She served as Chair of the DMA’s List/Database Council from 1999-2003, and 2006-2007, where among other initiatives she created the List/Database Young Professionals Series, and chaired List Vision several times. She is a member of DMA, EEC, DMCNY, and HVDMA. Pont speaks at a variety of industry seminars and writes frequently for industry publications.

Pont serves on the boards of two 501c3 non-profit organizations dedicated to animal welfare: The Pie Fund, which assists owners with cancer treatment funding for their pets, and Pibbles and More Animal Rescue, which rescues and rehomes pit bulls. She lives in Norwalk CT, with her husband and her two rescued pit bulls


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